Wednesday, December 31, 2014

How To Hack MyBet, Safaribet & Supabet( legitimate betting)

Walk into any betting hall in Ghana, like Mybet and safaribet  and witness how many gamblers are trowing their money away placing the wrong bet. If 5000 people stake a bet, only  1 - 50  are expected to Win, In the space of two years , these companies are popping up everywhere in Ghana and are making billions of cides,  this hack is here to help you dip your hands inside that billions and be free of money issues,  You have always ask me to present my good works. I have been working on it for 1 year....

Time Stamp Of HackGh /FbtGhana

Time -   6:42:30        

Date -  Fri 14 Nov 2014

Price - 200Ghc / 1100HackGh Coins

Created By HacKGh Team

Now don't get deceived by any other site of quick way to make money in Ghana, This hack is here to shut all those chaffs and rediscussed methods that will take you 1 year to earn a dollars, Also forget about the online jobs clicking to earn money which you can even get paid here....

This Is The Property Of HackGh


This hack is legal and you cannot be    arrested for using it

This hack does not require you to hack a computer.

This hack is easy to understand and apply

This hack require your patience and time to read study

This hack is here to help you make money

This hack is tried and tested at 100%

We also provide assistance and support for the hack in the forum

Visitor and Guest Should Use the process below

1. Register For A Username and Password at HackGh

Pay in Ghana with MTN Mobile Money

You can make MTN Mobile Money payments either at a merchant or by your self if you have subscribed for this service. Use the following procedures to make payments On the Phone (SAT)

1. On the Mtn Phone Menu

  Go to MyMTN                                                                                    
  Select MobileMoney
  Select Transfer Money
  Select Subscriber
  Enter Mobile Number 0240953475 and select OK, ( Repeat the number again and select OK)
  Enter the amount eg 200 (* this means 200cides ) select OK
  Enter a suitable Reference (eg  kobby98) Use the username at HackGh and select OK
  Confirm payment details  select OK
  Enter your MobileMoney PIN and select OK

You will receive an SMS advice after a successful payment.

Some registered Mobile Money subscribers do not have the above process on their phone: rather, they have the process indicated below, hence, customers can always confirm which of the process they have.

2. On the MTN Phone

  Dial *170#
  Input 1 for Transfer Money and send/reply
  Input 1 for Mobile User and send/reply
  Input 2 for Subscriber and send/reply
  Input 0240953475 and send/reply  (Repeat the number again and send/reply)
  Input  the amount eg 200 (* this means 200cides ) select OK
  Input a suitable Reference (eg  kobby98) Use your Username at HackGh and send/reply
  Input Money PIN and send/reply

You will receive an SMS advice after a successful payment.

In-case you don't have mtn line or mobile money active on your Phone,

4. Go to your nearest merchant(vendor), just tell the vendor to use your HackGh USERNAME as reference when seeding the money transfer,

In case the vendor uses the token method, just sent your TOKEN NUMBER, SECRET CODE and your HackGh USERNAME to the number = 0240953475

The Allocated HackGh Access will  be Credited onto your HackGh Account within 12 - 24HRS, please exercise patience after you make you payments, As it can take a day to confirm payments.

Now refresh the Forum home page to reveal the  MyBet, Safaribet & Supabet( legitimate betting) HacK, now access it and enjoy making money...............

Now stop thinking abut the prediction of Chelsea Win, Man U draw, first goal, and all those crap they the betting company are using to chop all your money. My hack will give you a piece of mind knowing you are going to Win using their own very system created by them witch is also legal to use.... You can even give it to the teller at the bet center to place your bet for you because it 100% legal.

Price : GH¢ 200.00
Description: How an average Ghanaian can make legitimate money from the betting, Using MyBet, Safaribet  and Supabet from the comfort of any computer connected to internet.
Location :  Accra
Region : Greater Accra

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