Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Laptop Getting Very Hot? 6+1 Ways To Fix Tt

Laptop getting very hotLaptops usually get heated when over-used, they get heated even more easily in hot atmospheres. Air conditioned work place always helps in keeping your system cool and run better.

Many Laptops get heated very often and if you’ve been using a unibody Macbook, you should have already known how fast the aluminum gets heated when you’re running cpu intensive applications on your system. In a desktop, the CPU fan is good enough to keep the system temperature in control. But what in case of laptops? Here are some things that you can do to keep your laptop cool when it gets heated.



Cooling Pads

laptop cooling padI know, laptop cooling pads are familiar to you and most of you might have been using these. And for those, who haven’t still started using a laptop cooling pad, read the whole article and decide yourself.
Laptop cooling pads are available starting from a good and affordable range of prices. These USB powered cooling pads give your laptops additional fans and maintains it in cool condition. A laptop cooling pad also raises the laptop surface letting your use the laptop with more comfort and ease. Once you get to recognize the sounds of your laptop, you can use a laptop cooling pad at such times like I use my laptop cooling pad when my laptop’s internal fan starts roaring high.

 Don’t cover your laptop heat outlet

Make sure there are no obstructions for the hot air coming from the heat outlet/exhaust. Particularly don’t use your laptop for elongated times on soft bed or mattress. Also it is a very good idea to clean your laptops heat outlets once in a while.
Usually laptop heat outlets are on the sides and back.

Keep Off The Lap

Though the name Laptop means a system that is portable and can use by keeping on our laps, don’t use it all the time. When you keep your laptop on your laps, there is no space left between the bottom surface of the laptop and your lap. Every laptop have little risers at the bottom and so keeping the laptop on some flat surface (probably, a table) can give it some space letting air move in and out. When there is no space left between the laptop’s bottom and the surface, the chances of heating and pretty much high.

Work In Shade

work in shadeAlthough laptops are meant to be portable and can be easily carried anywhere, you must remember not to keep your laptop in sun. When you aren’t working, leave your laptop in shade (away from window) or in a cool place. And one more thing in this summer, don’t ever leave your laptop in your car. Cars are hot inside as most of the times, they’re in sun. And if you leave, make sure you give some time to get it cooled before starting your work.

Air-Conditioned Environment

Like I already said, Air-conditioned work places help in keeping the laptop or your desktop cool. Most of the offices are air-conditioned these days, so are the homes. But of you are out, try to search for an air-conditioned environment or get one installed.

Shut Down When Not In Use

When you have completed working on your laptop, shut it down. Keeping your laptop awake for much more time can resulting in heating up your laptop. So when you plan to get away from your laptop even for a while, shut it down and then start it again when you need.
All these above written tips are meant to keep your laptop cool and especially in summer where the chances of heating up are high.
Tip: When you are about to perform cpu intensive tasks like high resolution image or video editing, shut down the pc and let it cool and then do your work. The lost time in shutdown process is definitely compensated with the responsiveness of the system.