Friday, August 1, 2014

Huawei new algo online calculator Now For Free

Its too odd today to sell everything including modem unlock,  Per request from my regular visitor i have decided to share  unlocked your modem wth images and detail explanation.So I'm gonna tell you something. This Supports Huawei-E303/E367/E392/E3131 and many other modems with imeis start from 86**Also modems of 35** imei series (Old Algo)

No more requesting..Amazing..Nothing to wonder.It is simple as 123.Just kidding.This is how..We need a Google+ account for this.I think all of you have one. If you dont

Go to log into your account, if you don't have one just create one

Go to , Now sign into google plus

Go to: New Algo Calculator

Now on the next page click SKIP ADDS, you wait until the page load and show you the below picture

Then click on 'Sign in with Google+'

Now sign in to your G+ Account, If you have already sign in Google+ , you will ignore here

Now give permission to access your G+ Account
Now you will be able to see a fresh and new New Algo code calculator with ten Credits.Enter your imei and Model in the two boxes.

Then hit Calculate.Next Click on G+ Button in the middle of the page.


And then you will get what you were waiting for..THE....UNLOCK...CODE..

  • Now insert a different sim card into you modem.. eg: if its an Airtel modem insert Mtn or any other network carrier inside the modem
  • Insert the modem into your your Computer/Laptop
  • lunch the modem software if it fails to start automatically...if if the first time you are using the modem make sure you install the modem software on the Computer/Laptop been used
  • After lunching the software,  a dialog box will appear and ask you of unlock code...Note: If you don't see that option, just install a different modem software like mobile partner.
  • Enter the code you obtained eg: NEW ALGO CODE : 81842813 . the numeric part only " 81842813"  Now click OK to unlock
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