Friday, August 1, 2014

Watch Free Live TV and Football on Android ( Dstv for Phone )

Android built-in Video player can also play Live TV. But MX Player is much better then that. So I am only showing the process with MX Player. Don't forget to activate 3G pack (If you do have 3G device and 3G signal on your area).

  1. Get MX Player From Google Play Store. Open It.
  2. Tap the Android Menu button to open MX Player Menu.
  3. Tap Network stream like screenshot given below.
MX Player - Network stream

  Channel I: rtsp://
  R TV: rtsp://
  Desh TV: rtsp://
  G TV: rtsp://
  1. Copy once of the Channel URL from above and Paste it on Network stream. Tap OK.

MX Player - Live TV on Android
  1. That's it. Wait for the loading and there you go. Enjoy

Note: If the address has expired, you can always search for free live television link on Google and enjoy the free channel