Friday, August 1, 2014

Use USB Keyboard on Android without OTG

If you're interested to use USB keyboard on your Android device but your device doesn't have OTG support then this article will help you to use A USB keyboard via WiFi. So forget the tiny touch keyboard on your Android and enjoy faster typing experience.

Requirement to use USB Keyboard on Android without OTG cable

  • A desktop or laptop computer with WiFi support or Android SDK installed.
  • A normal USB keyboard which is connected with the computer.

Procedures for using USB keyboard on Android via "WiFi Keyboard"

  1. Download and Install WiFiKeyboard.apk on your Android.
  2. Go to Settings > Wireless & network > Tethering & portable hotspot.
  3. Tap Configure WLAN hotspot. Write "Himaloy-Hotspot" in Network SSID as the screenshot given below.
  4. Then Tap Security's drop down and select Open.
  5. Now Tap Save.
  6. Tap Portable WLAN hotspot to turn it on.

Configure WLAN Hotspot for WiFi KeyboardActivate Portable Hotspot for WiFi Keyboard
  1. Now Go to Settings > Language & input.
  2. Tap WiFiKeyboard to enable it.
  3. Then tap Default and select WiFiKeyboard (If you can't see WiFiKeyboard in the list then re enter in Language & input to reload the list).
  4. After selecting WiFiKeyboard as the default input method you'll see a address in the notification bar as the screenshot given below. Note it. e.g.

Language and input - Enable WiFi Keyboard
  1. Now get connected with the Hotspot you created before (On your WiFi supported computer).
  2. Open any browser and write your noted address and press enter.
  3. Now you're ready to type or paste anything in the Android input text area. That's All.

Language and input - Enable WiFi Keyboard

Connect USB Keyboard on Android with Desktop computer (without WiFi support) via USB cable

You'll need adb command from Android SDK to connect through USB normal cable (Not OTG). Type "adb forword tcp:7777 tcp:7777" in command line.

And connect your computer's browser to "http://localhost:7777".

If you followed this article correctly and you should be able to use USB keyboard on your Android without OTG cable. And there is a matter of fact that is "Never use third party wifi tether apps to enable the hotspot. It will only work with the built-in wifi tethering app of Android system. Also make sure that your browser isn't using any proxy. But of course you can add WiFi Keyboard's local address as exception to use it with a proxy enabled browser." Leave a comment below with your device model if you need more information.