Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How to Make Free International Calls using Facebook Messenger App

We already Wrote an article on How to Make Free calls from PC to Mobile in  India ! But Now  you can also make call to foreign countries like US, UK and Canada? Yes you heard it right for free and all you need is Facebook messenger app on your iOS or Android devices.

World’s largest social networking site Facebook, now allows its mobile user to make free calls using its messenger app. Till now you might be using Skype or Viber app for free international calling, it uses the standard VoIP (Voice over IP) but its daily users know their Experience is not Satisfactory at all.
But the Facebook messenger app calling experience is far better than other calling apps.

Facebook messenger app also uses the VoIP, but using this you can make calls to US, UK and Canada citizens only. Using this service the calls are free but you need a good 3G/4G connection, but having Wi-Fi is recommended as calling needs a good amount of Data and speed, and your messenger app version should be 4.0+. The best part of using Facebook VoIP calling facility is that it’s not Mandatory to have Facebook messenger app for receiver to attend your call.
So here is the Step by Step process How you can make free call using Facebook messenger app. Here I am using iPhone but you can do it same for your Android device. But make sure that whom your are calling has added his phone number to its profile.

Free international calls using Facebook Messenger app on Android and iPhone

fb messenger on iphone
  • Download and Install the Facebook messenger app on your Android or iPhone from there store and Launch the messenger app on your device.
  • You must have a recent conservation going with the person whom you are calling. Just tap on the Conservation to open it and if you don’t have any recent conservation tap on the compose message button placed at the bottom right and here you can add the person’s name whom you want to call.
  • Type anything in the message and send it, to start the conservation.
  • Now just tap once on Contact info button, placed at top right corner like image below . Now you will able to see the contact information whom you  want to call.
free calling from fb messenger app
  • Here with Options like Timeline and others, you will see a Free Call button placed at the mid of the screen. As shown in the below image.
  • Just Hit the Free Call button and you are done. You will be making free call to your desired contact.
That’s it, now you will be able to talk to your friends or relative for free of cost just using an internet connection. International calling rates are very high for US, UK and Canada, so for calling in those countries you can use this Facebook calling feature for absolutely no cost.But you have to keep the Push Notification On so it should alert your when someone is calling you.


In this way you can make free calls using Facebook messenger app.So start using the above guide and save your bucks. If you have any query while using this tutorial then please let me know in comments below.