Saturday, November 16, 2013

How to Reset New Algo like E303 E3131 Counter from 0 to 10

This tutorial will show you how to reset back the counter of new Huawei modems with new algo from 0 to 10 trials after inserting wrong unlock codes 10 times.

NOTE: This tutorial has been updated (9/1/2013) and works on all Huawei modems .
Before i start you will need
* To download the latest DC UNLOCKER BELOW AN INSTALL

Email uy your 15 digit IMEI,  I will answer your request within 15 minutes.
* we will  calculate your new algo unlock code and nck hash for you

Now follow this simple steps and you will have Huawei modem ready to receive unlock codes again.
  1. Have your modem installed on the computer with all the drivers installed then make sure to close the dashboard of your modem before continuing.
  2. Now open your task manager on your computer (hold CLTR + ALT + DEL then select task manager).
  3. When the task manager comes up, click on processes and look up for HWDeviceService.exe, when you find it, right click on it and choose end process tree.
  4. Now open Dc Crap you have downloaded above, select manufacturer as Huawei and select your model now click on the search bottom, your Huawei modem should be detected and listed below.
  5. Now in the white box below your Huawei modem details type this inside the box the AT-Command for Huawei NEW ALGO Counter Reset  as  AT^CARDUNLOCK=” NEW ALGO NCK HASH” Replace NEW ALGO NCK HASH with the hash code you have generated above so the code line will look like this (e.g  AT^CARDUNLOCK=” dfc96a1626abf5c8735401f7fef7d460 ).
  6. Press ENTER on your keyboard and the code will be executed and you will have your Huawei unlock counter reset back to 10

After You Have Received Your Unlock Code From Us, 


  1. You Then Need To Insert A Different SIM Card Which Your Modem Doesn't Support, 
  2.  After Which Your Modem Interface Will Notify You As Invalid Or Wrong SIM,
  3. Then You Insert The Unlock Code Sent From Us To You And Then PRESS OK


Download HUAWEI_MODEM_Code_Writer here 

Now your modem is free to use all sim cards

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