Sunday, June 22, 2014

How to Colorize Folders with Different Colors In Windows

Hey guys i am back with an Awesome WIndows tricks, Earlier i have Shared many WIndows tricks but i believe this one is outstanding and Best of all. We all Know the Folder color is light yellow by default in Windows, but what if you can give your desired color to each folder inorder to organize them properly to feel Comfortable.

Yes You can colorize folders in windows with the Color of your choice very easily. Many a time we find it difficult to navigate to the folder which we want to because All the Folders are of same Color and if you forget the name of the folder in which you stored your important file, than one can get a nightmare.

Assigning Colors to different folders will not only help you to Pick the folder you want without remembering
it but it will aslo spice up the looks. Have a look at the below picture How beautiful Windows explorer looks after giving colors to different folders. Now let us see Some easy steps involved to perform this awesome trick

Colorizing different folders in Windows

Step 1: Download Folder Colorizer which is a third party tool used to assign colors to Folders in Windows

Step 2: Install it and navigate to any folder that you wish to assign Color. Right Click on that folder and you will see Folder colorizer Integrated in the Context Menu.

Step 3: Hover your Mouse on Colorize and Choose your Favorite color

Step 4: After Choosing your favorite Color you will see that color has been assigned to the selected
folder. repeat same steps for other Folders too.

You may even Choose from various other Colors of your choice and you also have an option to Restore Default Color.

Normally i use Green Color for folder that don't Need Much attention and which also Indicates that I have Completed the Tasks from that Folder. And i assign Red to the Folders that need my Attention and the Work is Pending. You may Use it for various Purposes. 

Do not Forget to let us know if you like this article and how you are going to Use these Color Combination.