Sunday, June 22, 2014

How to Use Pendrive as RAM in Windows

In this Technology World, almost Every Student and Computer user own a Pendrive. Some may own Couple of them. Pendrive is Used to Store Important Data or to transfer files from one computer to another. but do you know that you can Use Pendrive as RAM and Boost your PC performance?

You might be now Anxious to know How to use Pendrive as RAM Right? You must be Because RAM plays an important part for your PC performance. With the Introduction of Readyboost Feature in Windows, it has become easier to Boost your PC and speed it up.
How to Use Pendrive as RAM with Readyboost
To use your Pendrive as RAM, You have to make Sure that you have a Pendrive which have a Free Storage Capacity of 4GB. A 8GB pendrive is Highly Recommended to perform this Task
Step 1: Insert your 4GB or 8GB Pendrive.
Step 2: Take a Backup of any data already present in your pendrive, Because its adivisible to format your pendrive before moving forward.
Step 3: Now goto My Computers and Right Click on your Pendrive to Select Properties.
Step 4: Click on Readyboost Tab, Now wait couple of seconds so that it analyzes your Pendrive, Next you will see something like below Picture
Use Pendrive as RAM in Windows
Step 5: Click on Use this Device, Select the number of MBs you want to use out of total space, Then Click on Apply

Step 6: Next you will see Readyboost is Configuring your Cache, When its Done, Just reboot your PC to Feel the Difference
TIP: Once you Start using ReadyBoost Feature, you will have to Practice to Remove your Pendrive Safely Before Ejecting it to Avoid any trouble.
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