Friday, April 25, 2014

How To Generate Traffic To Your Website Or Blog

Traffic is king and you know it. Your online business can never be successful without traffic. Every day, webmasters search for new ways to drive traffic to their sites. There are two kinds of traffic. The paid traffic methods and the free ones. I would like us to focus on the free ones for today. I want to show you some effective methods when done well can help you to generate free traffic to your website.

10 ways to generate free traffic to your website or blog

Blog commenting
Blog commenting when done effectively will help you to generate targeted traffic to your website. Find

relevant blogs or sites within your niche and comment on the blog posts. Make sure you read the posts, understand what is been said and give a sensible comment. Don’t go around spamming people blogs, it’s a total waste of time. 99% of blog owners always read your comments before they approve them. If your comments looks spammy, they will disapprove of your comment. Write comments that have value for what was been discussed in the blog post. You can look for comment-luv and keyword-luv enabled blogs to begin your blog commenting campaign

Forum posting
Forum posting is also another huge method of generating free traffic to your site. Find forums relevant to your niche and become active on these forums. Once again don’t look spammy and your contribution should have real value. Include your links in your profile signature to get more people to notice your links and click on them.

Guest blogging
Guest blogging is very good for generating free traffic. Guest blogging involves writing your articles on a different website. To get the best results out of guest blogging, please always guest post on blogs that have higher traffic than your site. You can join to find websites that are looking for guest writers.

Article marketing
One of my favorite ways of getting traffic to my website. If you are not into article marketing, then you are losing out a lot. Join these sites; squidoo, hubpages, ezinearticles, goarticles and articlebase and start submitting your articles. Your articles will be reviewed before been approved so make sure you write highly unique and quality articles. You articles should be at least 500 words and make sure you include your link in the article body and the resource box.

Video marketing
Video marketing is on the rise with the popularity of youtube. Youtube is the best place to start submitting your videos. Youtube videos aren’t reviewed before going live so you can upload any video that you like as long as it doesn’t go against their TOS. Create simple and professional videos and upload them on youtube.

Social media networking
The internet is helping more people to connect. Most people spend most of their browsing hours on social media networking sites. As an internet marketer, you must take advantage of this. Wherever there are plenty of internet users, it is a good source of generating traffic to your website. Join sites site Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Myspace, Plentyoffish, etc and be very active on these sites. Get more friends, fans, likes or followers and you will be able to drive swam of traffic to your blog from these sites.

Social bookmarking
Social bookmarking sites are pretty decent for generating traffic. You can hit the gold chest when your link appears on top of the bookmarks list. Sites like Stumbleupon, Digg and Reddit have the ability of generating 100,000s of traffic to your blog when your link is been shared by most of the people on these sites. Always bookmark your blog posts and you might be the luck guy.

Blog Directories
Blog directories or catalogues are a bit different from the usual website directories that will know. Blog catalogs such as NetworkedBlogs, Blograma, Blogcatalog and Ontoplist are all examples of blog directories that you should submit your blog. These directories can help bring in a stream of targeted traffic to your website.

Web 2.0 sites
You should start submitting your contents on web 2.0 sites. Aside helping in SEO, these sites also help in bring people to your website. The best web 2.0 sites that you should join are WordPress, Tumblr, Blog, Blogger, Webs, LiveJournal, Weebly, Typepad and Wetpaint.

eBooks Submission
Turn your articles into pdf and submit them to ebook distribution sites. Include your links in these ebooks and share them to interested people. Once they read, they will click on your links to visit your blog. The best ebook sharing sites you can begin with are Scribd and SlideShare.

Thanks for reading and if you have anything to share with us, just drop them in the comments box below.