Monday, April 28, 2014

How to Hide Last Seen on Whatsapp in Android,Iphone

Whatsapp one of most downloaded Android app.I am sure if you are a smart phone user then you might also be usingWhatsapp.One survey tells that more then 1 billion whatsapp messages are sent daily.
Whatsapp offers a excellent feature last seen option.It will let you know whether the person on other side checked your message or not.Actually this is a best feature but now a days it has becoming trouble for many people.Yes if you want to skip chatting with your friends then this is a big problem because as when you saw
the message the person on other side get notified by last seen time and date.If you are the one who want to skip conversations and avoid misunderstandings with friends then this article is for you.! Now hide last seen on whatsapp and read messages without knowing to others.

Hide last Seen in Whatsapp in Android

  • Just download the app form Here
  • Now open app and click on “Block last Seen”.
  • That’s it now you can hide last seen in Whatsapp.

How it works?

  • This apps will disconnect internet connection when you open servers can’t update last seen seen when you open message.
  • Now When you close whatsapp the internet connection is active and will send the messages without updating last seen status.

Using Manual Method to Hide last seen in Android:

It’s simple just disable mobile data,open whatsapp read messages and close it.Now activate mobile internet connection.

Hide Last Seen Stamp in Whatsapp in Iphone:

In Iphone hiding last seen is pretty easy then Android.Latest version of whatsapp for iphone has “Last Seen Timestamp” option.This will help you to hide last seen status in whatsapp.To activate it just go Settings –> Advanced–>Last Seen Timesatmp and now make it Off.