Saturday, April 26, 2014

How to Improve Your Internet Speed by Combining with Connectify Dispatch

We all know the basic nature law that Breaking a single small stick is so easy, And Breaking a group of small sticks is really so hard. And we also know 10+20=30, Keeping these laws in mind the developers at Connectify had developed a awesome tool which lets you to combine all you internet connections on your computer.

Increase Internet speed

By combining internet connections on your computer you can achieve no interrupts in your internet connections (this will be very helpful when you are using wireless internet connections which have
interruptions due to signal strength) this is implemented with the nature law which is mentioned aboy.jve and the second law 10+20=30 is used to improve your internet speed! You can combine all your internet connections and get the maximum throughput. Example if you are having two internet connections one with 2MBPS and another with 3MBPS speed combing both the internet connections will give you 5MBPS of maximum throughput of your internet connections. This is really something cool right!.

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Let’s see how we can combine the internet connections with connectify Dispatch and achieve the maximum internet speed.

  • First download the connectify dispatch from here.
  • Connectify is offering both free and premium versions of Connectify dispatch. While writing this post there is spring sale offer of 40% check it and get both the connectify and Connectify Dispatch.
  • After Downloading and completions of Installation of the Connectify Dispatch on your computer.
  • Connect all the internet connections which you want to combine on your computer.
  • After connecting all the internet connections run the connectify dispatch
Here for the demo I have connected my Broadband connection and 3G connection to combine the broadband connection of 2 MBPS (Max) and the 3G connection of 3 MBPS (Max).


On combing both the connections throughput of internet speed is around 5MBPS! But Connectify is showing me peak throughput of 9.95 MBPS ! (I don’t know how this is achieved :-P ). Off course I get huge speed of 10MBPS during low traffic (during nights) on my ISP network.
peek interent connection 

Click on Start Dispatch to allow the program to combine your internet connections and improve your internet speed as shown in below image.
  • That’s it now you can see boost in your internet speed.

If you can’t see change in your internet speed then check the settings.


Some cool features in Dispatch tool:

  • Like you can set limits on how much data you can use for each connection on your computer.
Intenret speed settigns
  • And you can also assign a particular internet connections to be used by particular Applications from Application click on Smart Loading.
confie itnernet speed
  • And you can also share your combined internet connection over WiFi HotSpot. with Connectify HotSpot
share iternet speed 

That’s it guys now you can Increase your Internet speed by using  above  trick.
If you find any difficulty in above mentioned steps feel free to comment below we will help you out !!